How fresh is my coffee?

Short answer — as fresh as you can get! We try to ship out all our coffee within 24 hours of roasting. Umble coffee usually ships out through USPS first class mail and arrives, on average, to its destination within 2-3 days. You’ll never get that kind of freshness in [...]

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What kind of quality are we looking at here?

At Umble, we only use Arabica beans that are specialty grade. Translation? We’re giving you the best out there in the market. We’ve super-selective and have been known to pay an extra dollar plus per pound of green coffee for just the slightest improvement in taste when the coffees are [...]

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Do I have the option of whole bean or ground?

Absolutely. We make it convenient with three options: whole bean, ground coarse (French press), or ground medium (drip or pour over). Of course, to get the best benefit from the coffee, we recommend whole bean and then grind it right before brewing BUT we’re not going to shun you or [...]

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Where does the coffee come from?

The coffee belt…yes, there is such a thing! Coffee is grown around the world, usually in mountainous areas, with a ‘belt’ or specified area north and south of the equator. The coffee plant is like anything else — it likes specific climates. At Umble, we roast coffee from all areas [...]

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Who roasts the coffee?

Elves from the North Pole roast our coffee. They’re migratory or seasonal workers. There’s all that downtime after Christmas and we got a good deal on a contract to bring them in. They’re really good at roasting coffee…we’ve had to buy extra-large beard and hair nets for the production area [...]

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How much coffee will I get?

We offer two sizes: the standard 12 oz (340 g for you Europeans out there) bag, just like you’d purchase from the grocery store, as well as a five-pound bag for those individuals or businesses who tend to use more. If you use quite a bit, contact us about wholesale [...]

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How much does awesome, fresh-roasted coffee cost?!

It varies depending on the amount you use. Obviously, price goes down with volume and frequency. If you’re a coffee shop or just use a good amount in general, there are wholesale prices. To see prices catered to your consumption, simply fill out order details under the Shop section. Don’t [...]

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Are the coffees certified Fair Trade or organic?

Fair Trade, direct trade, organic, shade-grown, Rainforest Alliance and other certifications are important to us. Where possible, we try to make these available. We work closely with our importer who works closely with the coffee farmers from around the world. And, don’t worry if something doesn’t say organic — it’s [...]

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Does any Umble coffee have flavors or other additives?

Nope! Our coffee is 100% arabica beans and nothing else. No additives or flavorings. We, of course, think the coffee has a great taste without adding anything. At Umble, our focus is delivering great coffee to you. What you do with it after that is up to you! (Confession — [...]

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