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Frequently Asked Questions

The coffee I just received isn’t what I was looking for. What can I do?2019-09-11T02:07:22+00:00

Go to the contact page and get in touch with us. Help us know what’s going on and where we can help — that’s what we’re here for — to serve you!

Should I be worried about allergies?2019-09-11T02:13:27+00:00

Good question. There should not be any issues with allergies. We are a nut-free roasting facility (unless you count our Head Roaster as a nut). We’ve never heard of anyone allergic to coffee, but, hey, if you are, obviously this is not the website for you!

Does any Umble coffee have flavors or other additives?2019-09-11T02:13:57+00:00

Nope! Our coffee is 100% arabica beans and nothing else. No additives or flavorings. We, of course, think the coffee has a great taste without adding anything. At Umble, our focus is delivering great coffee to you. What you do with it after that is up to you! (Confession — we have been known to put hazelnut creamer in our coffee on occasion, but don’t tell anybody!) 😮

Does Umble do decaf?2019-09-11T02:14:33+00:00

Ummmm…absolutely! And not only that, it tastes good! What?! Decaf that tastes good?!

Are the coffees certified Fair Trade or organic?2019-09-11T02:15:15+00:00

Fair Trade, direct trade, organic, shade-grown, Rainforest Alliance and other certifications are important to us. Where possible, we try to make these available. We work closely with our importer who works closely with the coffee farmers from around the world. And, don’t worry if something doesn’t say organic — it’s highly likely that it is organic anyway. Most coffee growing regions are very poor, and most coffee comes from small farms. Most of the time, these farmers can’t afford pesticides, much less the investment to make their coffee beans ‘certified organic’. At Umble, we want the whole coffee supply chain to be sustainable and we want to take care of you as well as this beautiful, God-given planet. There are too many mass food producers and processors out there today who cut corners which in turn jeopardizes your health — we’re not one of them.

How much does awesome, fresh-roasted coffee cost?!2019-09-11T02:15:41+00:00

It varies depending on the amount you use. Obviously, price goes down with volume and frequency. If you’re a coffee shop or just use a good amount in general, there are wholesale prices. To see prices catered to your consumption, simply fill out order details under the Shop section. Don’t worry — that doesn’t commit you to anything! Go check it out! Drink Great Coffee. Stay Umble.

How much coffee will I get?2019-09-11T02:16:12+00:00

We offer two sizes: the standard 12 oz (340 g for you Europeans out there) bag, just like you’d purchase from the grocery store, as well as a five-pound bag for those individuals or businesses who tend to use more. If you use quite a bit, contact us about wholesale pricing.

Who roasts the coffee?2019-09-11T02:16:36+00:00

Elves from the North Pole roast our coffee. They’re migratory or seasonal workers. There’s all that downtime after Christmas and we got a good deal on a contract to bring them in. They’re really good at roasting coffee…we’ve had to buy extra-large beard and hair nets for the production area — you’d be surprised how much hair they have for being as small as they are! Just kidding — our national award-winning head roaster, Kenneth Thomas, roasts all our Umble coffee! He’s passionate about using the roast to bring out the best flavors a coffee bean has to offer!

Where does the coffee come from?2019-09-11T02:17:18+00:00

The coffee belt…yes, there is such a thing! Coffee is grown around the world, usually in mountainous areas, with a ‘belt’ or specified area north and south of the equator. The coffee plant is like anything else — it likes specific climates. At Umble, we roast coffee from all areas of the coffee belt for you to enjoy. Coffee is like wine — different growing areas, and even different seasons in the same area, can bring out unique tastes in a cup.

Do I have the option of whole bean or ground?2019-09-11T02:17:38+00:00

Absolutely. We make it convenient with three options: whole bean, ground coarse (French press), or ground medium (drip or pour over). Of course, to get the best benefit from the coffee, we recommend whole bean and then grind it right before brewing BUT we’re not going to shun you or put you on some kind of black list for ordering ground coffee! At the end of the day, we just want you to have great coffee — and you’ll get that with Umble!

What kind of quality are we looking at here?2019-09-11T02:18:02+00:00

At Umble, we only use Arabica beans that are specialty grade. Translation? We’re giving you the best out there in the market. We’ve super-selective and have been known to pay an extra dollar plus per pound of green coffee for just the slightest improvement in taste when the coffees are compared side by side. And this isn’t a cost that we pass on to our customers. We want you to have the best and we love showcasing the best!

How fresh is my coffee?2019-09-11T02:18:22+00:00

Short answer — as fresh as you can get! We try to ship out all our coffee within 24 hours of roasting. Umble coffee usually ships out through USPS first class mail and arrives, on average, to its destination within 2-3 days. You’ll never get that kind of freshness in a bag of coffee from the grocery store. The fresher the coffee, the better is smells and tastes and the better it is for your health!

What other aspects of coffee factor in to how healthy it is for me?2019-09-11T02:19:07+00:00

Great question. This is an area on continued research in the coffee realm but here are some of factors that may impact health: freshness, roast level (the lighter the roast, the more health benefits), elevation and location where the coffee is grown, how the green coffee is processed, varietals (this means different coffee tree sub-types) and even possibly different brewing methods. In the coffee community, we’re not sure yet exactly what role some of these variables play in health benefits – and there may even be another variable not listed here! At Umble, we think in the next 10-20 years, we’ll see some of this fleshed out a little more, so stay tuned!

Why does freshness matter?2019-09-11T02:19:37+00:00

The fresher the coffee is, the higher it is in antioxidants – that the warrior in your body that go around stamping out inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause for a majority of the disease we see in today’s society. Want to be healthier and drink awesome coffee?! Get it fresh! That’s what makes an Umble subscription so great – we roast it and, in most cases, ship it out to you within 24 hours of roasting. Most grocery store coffee isn’t going to give you a ‘roast date’ but rather a ‘best by’ date. ‘Best by’ dates are misleading because they can be set for at least 3 months and up to 6 months out from the roast date! Yikes! Would you buy bread 6 months old?! Then why buy old coffee? If you want your coffee to taste great, smell great and supply those anti-inflammatory warriors for your body, buy it fresh-roasted from us.

I love my cream and sugar! So, do I have to drink it black?!2019-09-11T02:20:01+00:00

Do you want an honest answer? Well, from a health standpoint, you’re better off skipping the cream and sugar. Also, at Umble, we believe the quality of our cup stands on its own and doesn’t need all that other stuff! That said, do we put cream and/or sugar in our coffee every once in a while? Absolutely, but we prefer it black. Here’s a #UmbleChallenge for you – let the coffee cool a little and take that first sip black before you add anything – that’s all we’re asking – that first sip. Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you! Your health will benefit long term and you’ll be able to taste the nuances or uniqueness of each cup of coffee! Want to see more #UmbleChallenges?! Go to the #UmbleChallenge page on our website and check them out! Drink Great Coffee. Stay Umble.

If coffee is good for my health, how much is too much?2019-09-11T02:23:13+00:00

We’ve all heard catch phrases like ‘in moderation’ or ‘you can have too much of a good thing’. That applies to coffee as well. 400 mg or less of caffeine per day is healthy. What does that mean though?! Let’s translate…all coffee beans vary a little bit in how much caffeine is in them. A very conservative number would be 16-18 ounces of coffee a day is safe — this is at or above the average daily intake for the majority of coffee drinkers. Some estimates put 400 mg of caffeine in coffee as high as 36 ounces of coffee daily. At Umble, we believe that estimate is a little high. If you stick to 16-18 ounces (or likely even a little above that), you should definitely be below that 400 mg cutoff for health! And remember, let’s say you drink one 8 ounce cup a day, does that mean you need to increase your intake?! Nope. Stick with what’s comfortable and enjoyable to you. Drink Great Coffee. Stay Umble.

Is coffee good for me? What are the evidence-based health benefits of coffee?2019-09-11T02:24:10+00:00

Yes! There have been great studies over the years looking at the health aspects of coffee. In the appropriate amounts, coffee lowers the risk of heart disease, liver cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, atherosclerosis, and dementia to name a few benefits. Wow, right?! The caffeine in coffee tends to boost metabolism — which is a good thing. Another interesting tidbit is that folks who drink coffee regularly tended to have a lower risk of premature death — in other words, they tend to live longer than those who don’t drink coffee!

Is my personal and credit card information safe?2019-09-11T02:25:49+00:00

At Umble, we take your security very seriously. Our website and checkout process is SSL certified — that means it’s secure and encrypted. We also take multiple addition steps to make sure your data stays safe. Take a deep breath — you’re in good hands with Umble!

Why doesn’t my Umble coffee ship right after I order it?2019-09-11T02:26:43+00:00

Great question. We roast currently twice per week — on Mondays and Fridays. We try to ship coffee out within 24 hours of when it is roasted so that you receive the freshest coffee you’ve ever brewed up! It makes a big difference in taste, aroma, and health benefits. So, depending on when you order, it may be a few days before it ships but it’s because we’re giving you our best!

How can I cancel my subscription?2019-09-11T02:28:10+00:00

What?! And miss out on awesome coffee?? Hey, honestly though, we understand that sometimes cancelation is appropriate – like if you’re stranded on a remote island without your Aeropress or pour-over device. Or maybe your state has outlawed coffee and they have been intercepting your Umble coffee in the mail before it gets to you! Maybe your future mother-in-law is a voracious tea drinker and she’s not going to have her daughter marrying any lowly coffee consumer! Whatever your reason, we’re sure it’s justified. Just go to your login and you’ll see a prompt to cancel your subscription. If you prepaid, we will complete delivery of the coffee you already have ordered but will not renew it per your cancelation request. Here’s another thing to think about…let’s say, for example, you want to cancel and you don’t want the coffee at all BUT you still have 7 months’ worth of coffee to be delivered. We’d be happy to send that coffee to a friend, organization or charity in your name instead! Just let us know. Also, in general, we’d be sad to see you go – we love our Umble community!

How do I change my subscription settings?2019-09-11T02:28:40+00:00

Just go to your login. It’s all there and you can adjust it. Let’s say, for example, you move. Simply adjust the delivery address and we’ll take care of the rest! Or what if you love Umble coffee so much you get a wild hair and decide to open up a coffee shop and use Umble beans?! First off, it would be an honor to us but also, you can simply adjust your delivery volume from your login. In this example, you’ll likely then move to wholesale pricing.

Will my subscription automatically renew?2019-09-11T02:29:34+00:00

Yes. We will send you an email letting you know your renewal is coming up. It will state a date for automatic renewal. Again, you can cancel any time – including at the time of renewal!

When does my next Umble coffee ship?2019-09-11T02:30:01+00:00

If you log in, you’ll see what coffee(s) are coming up for you and estimated shipping dates. Also, we’ll send you a courtesy email when your coffee ships out!

The suspense is killing me! When will I receive my first bag of Umble?!2019-09-11T02:30:22+00:00

Freshness is important to us for two big reasons. The first is that the fresher the coffee, the better it is for your health. Secondly, the fresher the coffee, the flat-out better its aroma and taste – this really helps bring out the unique characteristics of each bean and makes us proud of the product we’re delivering to you. Not only does it makes our craft roasting shine but also this highlights the quality of the coffee farmers, processing stations, exporters and our importer, Cafe Imports. So, that said, we try to ship out within 24 hours of roasting. Right now, we roast on Mondays and Fridays. We’ll let you know when your coffee ships. It will then arrive usually within 2-3 days. So, hold your horses! Great coffee is coming!

How does an Umble subscription work?2019-09-11T02:30:53+00:00

Good question. You set how often and how much you want to be delivered. We take care of the rest! You can easily adjust, pause or even cancel anytime. At Umble, we want you to have great coffee. We’ll worry about the details!

Why subscription?2019-09-11T02:31:29+00:00

Have you ever stumbled in to the kitchen in a half-awake stupor as the sun is rising only to find you were out of coffee?! Or let’s say you’re at work and need that last little bit of caffeine to push through writing that month-end report but all you find is a dried-up brown film in the bottom of the coffee pot! Nightmare, right? Well, an Umble subscription solves that problem. You know your consumption habits or those of your business/clients. You set the frequency of when it is delivered. Things change? Just adjust the volume and/or frequency — it’s that simple.

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