At Umble Coffee Co, roasting is the cornerstone of our passion

We geek out on the details (translate – you benefit with an awesome tasting coffee!). Our roaster, Kenneth Thomas, has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, so he understands stuff like convective heat transfer,
drum roasters, the Maillard reaction, and other fancy words like that. Kenneth is also a physician with a passion for optimal health. He’s done the research and knows a fresh-roasted cup of joe is good for you and your

We want to offer only the most delicious coffee that’s optimal for your health. That’s why Kenneth traveled to Portland, Oregon, frontier of the coffee revolution, to train with the best – Rob Hoos with Nossa Familia

Coffee. Rob wrote one of the most influential books to date on roasting – you can find it here.

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Umble has won a national
award for its roasting.

Industry Standard

We currently roast on a
North (Mill City) Roaster and use
Cropster to log all our roasts.

Roasted Seriously

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