We’ve all heard catch phrases like ‘in moderation’ or ‘you can have too much of a good thing’. That applies to coffee as well. 400 mg or less of caffeine per day is healthy. What does that mean though?! Let’s translate…all coffee beans vary a little bit in how much caffeine is in them. A very conservative number would be 16-18 ounces of coffee a day is safe — this is at or above the average daily intake for the majority of coffee drinkers. Some estimates put 400 mg of caffeine in coffee as high as 36 ounces of coffee daily. At Umble, we believe that estimate is a little high. If you stick to 16-18 ounces (or likely even a little above that), you should definitely be below that 400 mg cutoff for health! And remember, let’s say you drink one 8 ounce cup a day, does that mean you need to increase your intake?! Nope. Stick with what’s comfortable and enjoyable to you. Drink Great Coffee. Stay Umble.