Do you want an honest answer? Well, from a health standpoint, you’re better off skipping the cream and sugar. Also, at Umble, we believe the quality of our cup stands on its own and doesn’t need all that other stuff! That said, do we put cream and/or sugar in our coffee every once in a while? Absolutely, but we prefer it black. Here’s a #UmbleChallenge for you – let the coffee cool a little and take that first sip black before you add anything – that’s all we’re asking – that first sip. Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you! Your health will benefit long term and you’ll be able to taste the nuances or uniqueness of each cup of coffee! Want to see more #UmbleChallenges?! Go to the #UmbleChallenge page on our website and check them out! Drink Great Coffee. Stay Umble.