What?! And miss out on awesome coffee?? Hey, honestly though, we understand that sometimes cancelation is appropriate – like if you’re stranded on a remote island without your Aeropress or pour-over device. Or maybe your state has outlawed coffee and they have been intercepting your Umble coffee in the mail before it gets to you! Maybe your future mother-in-law is a voracious tea drinker and she’s not going to have her daughter marrying any lowly coffee consumer! Whatever your reason, we’re sure it’s justified. Just go to your login and you’ll see a prompt to cancel your subscription. If you prepaid, we will complete delivery of the coffee you already have ordered but will not renew it per your cancelation request. Here’s another thing to think about…let’s say, for example, you want to cancel and you don’t want the coffee at all BUT you still have 7 months’ worth of coffee to be delivered. We’d be happy to send that coffee to a friend, organization or charity in your name instead! Just let us know. Also, in general, we’d be sad to see you go – we love our Umble community!