These coffee kits are available for students participating in the coffee class through Stanford Continuing Studies only.  If you are not currently in the class, please do not purchase this kit.  We’d love for you to sign up the next time the class is available though!


HIGHLY Recommended: please purchase a grinder, kettle, and scale for this course and the rest of your life – trust me, they are worth it!  I’ve provided a few options – think of them as Economy and Comfort Plus versions – both get you there just fine.


Grinder Recommendations:

GENERAL – look for a ‘burr grinder’

Economy: Cuisinart Burr Grinder

Comfort Plus: Baratza Encore Burr Grinder


Kettle Recommendations:

Economy: Kettle

Comfort Plus: Bonavita

                       Fellow Stagg Kettle


Scale Recommendations:

Economy: Hario

Comfort Plus: Acaia



  • A kit is not required.  If you would like to create a similar experience, contact Kenneth and he can help tailor coffees to participate in the tasting and brewing sessions.
  • Kit 1 will be released prior to the beginning of classes or when purchased.
  • Kit 2 will be released closer to half-way through the class.
  • Both kits are designed to optimize coffee for freshness.
  • We recommend going ahead and purchasing both kits at the same time.  Kit 2 will be mailed to you closer to the 2nd half of the class schedule. 
  • Most beans will be whole bean and you will be asked to grind them.
  • Coffees will be blinded to roaster/source, but this information is available upon request.


Kit 1 (1st half of tasting classes) $50 plus shipping

  • An assortment of coffees for sampling


Kit 2 (2nd half of tasting classes) $50 plus shipping

  • An assortment of coffees for sampling