We teamed up with a local potter, Charis Brightwell of Taproots Pottery, to create this awesome pour over set.  If you love coffee or know someone who does, this makes a great gift!  We worked closely with Charis to design this pour over device to fit filters used for a Hario V60.  We even thought out where to put the handle – we placed it low on the device because it’s more ergonomic and just feels better in your hand!  This is the first batch of these and they’re going to sell out quickly.  Grab one while they last!

What you get:

  • Taproots Pottery Pour Over Device
  • Pour Over Filters
  • One 12-oz Bag of Coffee

Once you receive your pour over kit, go to our ‘How To Brew’ section of our website and click on the Hario V60 tutorial – it’ll show you exactly what to do to make a phenomenal pour over!